Give us a call at 866-633-6883 Electrical Accessories 13-OCC-VACSEN-WH-MV APPLICATIONS The PIR wallbox vacancy & occupancy sensor is designed to replace a standard light or fan switch. This device can detect motion from a heat-emitting source (such as a person entering a room) within its field-of-view and automatically turn lights ON and OFF. The controlled lights will remain ON until no motion is detected and time delay has expired. It’s suitable for indoor use only. FEATURES • Replaces a standard light or fan single-pole switch • Automatic ON/OFF and Manual ON / Automatic OFF operation • Not required neutral wire • LED Indicates motion was sensed • Adjustable time delay from 15 seconds - 30 minutes • Works with most common lighting types 180° PIR Wallbox Vacancy & Occupancy Sensor APPLICATIONS The 13-OSCS2V ceiling mounted PIR occupancy sensor is designed to replace a standard light or fan switch. It is ideal for applications including private offices, conference rooms, break rooms, lounges and storage areas. FEATURES • TIME: time-delay adjustment. When people leave, the load can still work within the set time period. It can be adjusted from 10 seconds up to 30 minutes. The left is minimum 10 seconds and the right is maximum 30 minutes. The time should be reduced only in heavy traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, copier rooms, etc. to achieve maximum energy savings. Keeps the time setting at a maximum in large rooms (over 400sf). • SENSOR: sensitivity adjustment. According to ambience, you can set a suitable sensitivity to detect persons. The left is the minimum and sensitivity is weakest, in this case it requests a large human action to open the load; the right is the maximum, the load can be opened even by a small action. • LIGHT: light level sensing adjustment. When the sensor is in the automatic state, you can adjust this button to set a brightness value on which the sensor will start work. The left is for darkest environment and the right is for brightest environment. Ceiling Mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor 13-OSCS2V Electrical Accessories APPLICATIONS Passive Infrared Technology: Motion sensor switch provides hands-free operation by detecting a change in temperature. Turn lights ON in response to the heat generated energy (when a person enters a roon) and OFF when rooms are unoccupied. The 05-FL-OSFHU-RG occupancy sensor is designed to mount directly onto a luminaire and is ideal for high mounted areas such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and all other high ceiling applications. FEATURES • Operational Mode: Auto ON, Auto OFF • Time Delay: Adjustable (15 seconds up to 30 minutes) • Coverage Range: High Bay mounting heights up to 30 ft. mounting / 360° field • Humidity Range: 0% to 90% RH, non-condensing • Voltage: 120/277VAC, 60Hz • Load Requirements: 800VA at 120VAC Daylight Harvesting Sensor Available 360° Passive Infrared Fixture / Mounted Occupancy Sensor 05-FL-OSFHU-RG 40