Visit our website at Electrical Accessories Electrical Accessories 13-1T (IV, WH) 1 Gang Telephone Jack 13-1J (IV, WH) 1 Gang Coaxial Jack 13-BP1 (IV, WH) 1 Gang Blank Plate 13-BP2 (IV, WH) 2 Gang Blank Plate 13-DDR-PL2-SS 2 Gang Stainless Steel Plate 13-DDR-PL-SS 1 Gang Power Outlet Plate-SS 13-DP1 (IV, WH) 1 Gang Decorative Plate 13-DP2 (IV, WH) 2 Gang Decorative Plate 13-DP3 (IV, WH) 3 Gang Decorative Plate 13-DP4 (IV, WH) 4 Gang Decorative Plate 13-DRP1 (IV, WH) 1 Gang Duplex Recep. Plate 13-DRP2 (IV, WH) 2 Gang Duplex Recep. Plate Wall Plates DESCRIPTION MODEL 13-LVDP1-WH Leviton 1 Gang Deco Plate, WH 13-TP1 (IV, WH) 1 Gang Toggle Plate 13-TP2 (IV, WH) 2 Gang Toggle Plate 13-TP3 (IV, WH) 3 Gang Toggle Plate 13-TP4 (IV, WH) 4 Gang Toggle Plate COVER PLATES Wall plates have a smooth finish without recessed lines so it is easy to clean and maintain an attractive appearance. High-impact resistance limits access to live parts due to breakage. Captive screw feature holds mounting screws in place for quick and easy installation. 13-115R-S-WH 15 amp WH Stand Single Recap 13-120R-S-WH 20 amp WH Stand Single Recap 13-15R-D (IV) 15 amp Decora Receptacle 13-15R-D-TR (IV,WH) 15 amp Dec Rec TAMPER 13-15R-D-WH 15 amp Decora Receptacle, WH 13-15R-HS 15 amp Hosp.Grade Rect. ORG 13-15R-S (IV) 15 amp Stand Duplex Recep. 13-15R-S-TR (AL, WH) 15 amp STD Dupx Rec TAMPER 13-15R-S-WH 15 amp WH Stand Duplex Recep. 13-1RP-WH 1 Gang Single Rec Plate, White 13-20R-D (IV, WH) 20 amp Indust Decora Recep 13-20R-D-WH-TR 20 amp Indust Decora Recep, WH Receptacles DESCRIPTION MODEL 13-20R-HS 20 amp Hosp. Grade Recep ORG 13-20R-S (IV) 20 amp COM Stnd Duplex Recep 13-20R-S-TR-WH 20 amp DUP REC TR WH 13-20R-S-WH 20 amp COM Stnd Duplex Recep WH 13-BDR-50-BK Dryer/Range Receptacle, 50A, 125 13-DDR-30-WH Dryer/Range Receptacle, 30A, 125 13-DDR-50-WH Dryer/Range Receptacle, 50A, 125 13-TR20-DC (IV, WH) 20 amp TR Decora Receptacle 13-TR20-SC (IV, WH) 20 amp TR Decora Receptacle 13-USB-15R-TR-WH 15 amp Receptacle USB TR 13-USB-20R-TR-WH 20 amp Receptacle USB TR WIRING DEVICES Keep your children safe with our Tamper Resistant Electrical Receptacles. Engineered to keep small items like fingers, pins and keys out. Available in Ivory and White. (TR) 41