Ballasts Give us a call at 866-633-6883 EM Drivers Ballast Inverters Input Voltage: 120-277VAC Output Voltage: 180-320 VDC Input Watts: 36 Output Watts: 20W Battery: 14.4V 4500mAH QUICK OVERVIEW FEATURES • Recharging time: 24 hours • 90 minute run time • 120V Output Emergency Driver • LED illuminated and remote mounted test switch • Durable painted steel construction in red/orange finish and 2' flex conduits on both ends Versatile LED EM Backup Driver 03-BLEDM-BP/DM20-E Input Voltage: 120-277VAC Input Amps: 0.5-0.9 Output Current: 350, 500 Input Watts: 3.4W-6.5W Output Watts: 4.9-17.5, 7-20 Warranty: 5 year QUICK OVERVIEW FEATURES • Works with or without an AC driver to convert new or existing LED fixtures into unobtrusive emergency lighting • Long life, maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed NiCd battery • Fully automatic solid-state, two rate charger initiates battery charging to recharge a discharged battery in 24 hours • Time delay enhancement to overcome end-of-life circuit protection • Durable painted steel construction in black finish Constant-Current Emergency LED Driver & Battery Backup 03-BLEDEM-CC LED Test switch included. 03-LEDEM-CP-800 03-LEDEM-CP-1200 03-LEDEM-CP-1600 MODEL NUMBER 03-LEDEM-CP-2000 5.0W 7.8W 10.7W OUTPUT WATTS 13.7W 3.9W 4.8W 5.7W INPUT POWER 6.9W 0.061 0.065 0.087 INPUT CURRENT 0.110 800 1250 1700 OUTPUT LUMENS 2200 Constant-Power Emergency Ballast & Driver 03-LEDEM-CP-2400 17.0W 7.9W 0.110 2700 Voltage (Vdc): 20-50 Warranty: 5 year QUICK OVERVIEW FEATURES • LED illuminated and remote mounted test switch • Output short/overcurrent protection • Electronic limiting with normal operation resuming upon removal of fault • Input overcurrent protection • Surge protection Compatible with LED Tubes and Retrofit Downlights Fixtures For use with Panels, Center Baskets, Strips and High Bay Fixtures LED Test switch included. 4