Emergency Ballast 700 Lumen

Emergency Ballast 700 Lumen

Model 03-EB700
Spec Sheet

Emergency Ballast 700 Lumen

The emergency ballast allows the same fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the emergency ballast switches to the emergency mode and operates one or two of the existing lamps for a minimum of 90 minutes.

The unit contains a battery, charger and invertor circuit in a single package. The emergency ballast can be mounted in the wireway or on top of the fixture, and is UL Listed for factory installation or retrofit applications.


  • Dual 120/277 Voltage
  • 3.6V Long-Life, Maintenance-free, rechargable Sealed NiCad battery 
  • Provides a maximum initial lumen output of 700 Lumens
  • UL Listed for factory or field installation 
  • UL Listed for damp locations
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Compact design fits most fluorescent fixtures

 Lamp Compatibility:

Lamps Initial Lumens Initial Lumens
  1-Lamp 2-Lamp
4-Pin PL CF 13W 425 550
4-Pin PL CF 18W 475 600
4-Pin PL CF 26W 525 650
4-Pin PL CF 32W 575 650
4-Pin PL CF 42W 650 -


Initial Lumens Initial Lumens
  1-Lamp 2-Lamp
T8 17W 475 650
T8 32W 600 700
T12 20W 475 600
T12 40W 625 650
T8 59W 675 -
T12 110W 650 -
Lamps Initial Lumens Initial Lumens
  1-Lamp 2-Lamp
4-Pin Long CF 18W 525 -
4-Pin Long CF 24W 575 -
4-Pin Long CF 36W 650 -

NOTE: In 2-Lamp operation, lumens are equally split between the two lamps

Emergency Ballast 700 Lumens Cross Reference Information:

  • Bodine Part # B60
  • Iota Part # I-48
  • Dual-Lite (Hubbell) Part # UFO5W
  • TCP Part # 20B60
  • Exitronix Part # XEB-7
  • Simkar Part # EB60
  • Crescent Part # CS60